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Boys Black Fat EZ Rider Adjustable Fat Tire Kids Bike

Go and Grow Cycles boys adjustable Fat EZ Rider is a fat tire children's alloy bike that is fun, safe and easy to learn how to ride. A great starter bike, our adjustable Fat EZ Rider can grow as your child grows, from toddler to teen.
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The boys Fat EZ Rider is a fat tire children's bike that is fun, safe and easy for beginners to learn how to ride a bicycle for the first time. The 6" wide tire provides extra stability and allows your child to ride on softer terrain, from sand, grass, dirt and even snow! This eliminates the painful memories, scraped knees and bruises often associated with learning to ride a bike as should your child fall the softer terrain is much more forgiving than asphalt or pavement. And your child will be more apt to get back on the bike after a fall.

Because of it's stability the Fat EZ Rider is the perfect bike for children with special needs. Our Fat EZ Rider makes it much easier to learn how to ride for all children.

The Fat EZ rider is also adjustable. The front fork on the bikes frame can also adjust to 4 different positions. The bike comes with 6" wide x 12" fat tires with our cool patented design

Upgrade to our 16" medium fat tire to adjust the bicycle to a medium height or our 20" large fat tire to adjust the bicycle to the largest height.

Finally one bike that will grow with your child from toddler to teen, saving parents hundreds of dollars they would have spent on 5 or 6 bikes throughout their childhood!